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How to declutter your home before moving abroad

As international travel is back at a high rate post Covid, more Brits are considering making a big change and moving abroad.

While migration to a new country involves a long list of tasks, packing and moving your belongings can be one of the most dreaded. Don’t stress though – there are ways you can make the packing process easier when considering living overseas.

Before you begin the process of fitting your life in boxes and shipping containers, why not use the opportunity to declutter all your belongings, and make sure you have a fresh start in your new home.

We have put together a simple guide on decluttering your home before the big move, inspired by the popular KonMari method.

A photo of a couple in the middle of packing up their house, with cardboard moving boxes next to them. They are standing in the living room, in the middle of packing a box, looking at a list.

Research the packing and removals process

Before you start decluttering and packing, it is a good idea to research your removals process, as this will inform your timeline and packing method.

For international removals, you can check out the PSS Removals Services to book a short consultation or home survey and get a quick quote.

Organise your belongings by category

You will find the idea of discarding things much less overwhelming when approaching it in a methodical manner. The best way to find out what you actually own is to group everything by category – e.g. clothes, books, tools, kitchen stuff, etc.

Put the category into one room or pile, then break down into further subcategories – for clothes, it might be tops, trousers, jackets, shoes. You will want to deal with a category at a time, going through every item to decide what to keep.

A photo of a woman sitting cross legged in a room looking at a boxes in front of her that have paper signs saying "keep", "donate" and "trash".

Keep things that ‘spark joy’

As you go through every category, consider each individual belonging, whether that is a piece of furniture or a hat, and decide whether you want to keep it, or if you are getting rid of it.

This process might sound time consuming, but it will save you time in the long run! The more you consider which items you really want to take with you abroad, the easier the packing and removals process will be.

Figure out how to discard items

Once you have decided what you are getting rid of, figure out how you are going to do so in a way that doesn’t produce too much waste. You can give things away to family or friends, sell stuff to make some cash, donate to charities, or recycle.

A photo of a back of a PSS Removals van being loaded by three people in blue company shirts. The background has a red brick house and a sign declaring the property as Sold.

Pack everything you decided to keep

Packing will be much easier when you are only taking what you need or want. You can read our blog post Get Packing – An Expert Guide for tips on how to pack up your home in the most effective way.

If you would like a quote, home survey or just some friendly advice about the overseas removal process, then give one of our PSS Removals Services experts a call on 020 8686 7733, or complete an online enquiry form here.

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