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My Favourite Podcasts

Until last year, I was convinced that podcasts were just not for me. I’m a very visual person, and I sometimes find it hard to concentrate on words just being spoken to me. I follow quite a few people on Instagram who make podcasts though, and I started to feel like I was missing out on interesting and valuable content, so I decided to give listening to them go. Suffice to say I very quickly started enjoying having people chatting away in the background, and I now listen to podcasts all the time. It's especially great to have them on while my hands are busy making in the studio or at home. Running a business can sometimes be a little lonely and having friendly and interesting voices on around me is a great way to feel a little less isolated! It keeps by brain busy while I get on with repetitive work, makes me laugh or think, and it can be a great way of really maximising working hours if you also end up learning something new along the way. Below are some of my favourite podcasts to listen to while I’m working, some about running a small business, while others are just good fun or really thought provoking.

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Business Podcasts

Make a plan – Make it happen

Josephine Brooks

Josephine is an amazing planning coach, she has a plethora of useful tips for small businesses on her platforms, whether you run your business full time or as a side hustle. You can find her wealth of knowledge and useful tips on Instagram @josephinepbrooks. Her podcast is full of interesting interviews with industry experts, coaching episodes and Q&As. While it covers a whole range of topics, my particular favourites are ones talking about dealing with overwhelm and mental health issues while running a business.

Favourite Episodes:

Ep 50 Tackling Overwhelm Through Prioritising and Creating Routines

Ep 18 Creating the Lifestyle You Want & Taking your Side-Hustle Full Time with Jessica Rose Williams

Grow with Soul

Kayte Ferris (Simple & Season)

Kayte is a marketing coach I also discovered through Instagram, and I highly recommend checking out her stunning feed @simpleandseason. Grow with Soul is a great podcast, Kayte has a very measured and calm approach to marketing and selling that I really enjoy. She is very open about the successes as well as the failures of her own business, which I think is quite refreshing in a time when a lot of people tend to only talk about the highlights. The podcast covers a lot of themes around marketing your business, but also talks a lot about finding the joy in what you do and creating value for yourself and your customers.

Favourite Episodes:

Ep 63 Creating an Income From Values-Led Work, Experimentation, and Community with Nicole Antoinette

Ep 54 Managing What’s On Your Plate and the Power Of Choosing What You Put On There with Carina Lawson of Ponderlilly

Hashtag Authentic

Sara Tasker

Sara is The name when it comes to Instagram, her content is incredibly valuable if you want to learn how to use the platform effectively. You can take a look at her profile @me_and_orla. I really enjoy the Hashtag Authentic Podcast, where Sara breaks up themed episodes with incredible guests with solo episodes in which she shares some of her own expertise. She interviews amazing creative people from all walks of life, including small business owners, creatives, writers, photographers, and fascinating entrepreneurs who all have a lot of wisdom to share.

Favourite Episodes:

Ep 83 How to be Indistractable in a chaotic world with Nir Eyal

Ep 35 Stopping the Glorification of ‘Busy’, With Jen Carrington

Conversations of Inspiration

Holly & Co

Holly Tucker, the founder of Not On The High Street and Holly & Co, is a brilliant host who invites the most interesting guests with small and big businesses in a variety of industries to talk about the journeys that got them to where they are now. It is fascinating to find out how different brands, some of which are now household names, started out. The struggles they went through make you realise we all come across hurdles that need to be overcome, even when to the outside world everything seems to be going brilliantly. On the other hand, the successes they share really spur you on to put your all into your own business!

Favourite Episodes:

Ep 5 Andy Poplar, founder of Vinegar & Brown Paper – The Healing Power Of Becoming An Artisan

Ep 14 Zack McLaughlin, founder of Paper and Wood – When Creativity Sets You Free

A close up of Dominika's jewellery bench, featuring a notebook that has colourful loop shapes sitting on it, a jewellery mask, a borax dish and cone, a sheet of polished silver, pliers, and other toold and tubs.

Fun and thought provoking podcasts

Made of Human

Sofie Hagen

Made of Human is up there with my favourite ever podcasts. I have learned so much from listening to @sofiehagendk incredible selection of diverse guests from all intersections talk about their lives and lived experiences. Sofie makes it a point to interview people who are not always widely represented by other media, to give them a voice and a chance to share their perspective with the world. I absolutely love putting this podcast on and just getting immersed in a conversation about topics that I find so compelling, including politics, sexuality, gender, race, religion, mental health issues, love, family, and lots more.

Favourite Episodes:

Ep 144 Charlie Craggs - Normal's a dirty word

Ep 62 Kelechi Okafor - We have to reclaim what is ours


Jessica Fostekew

Anyone who knows me, knows that I absolutely love food and everything about it. While I've always enjoyed cooking shows, I wasn’t convinced about food podcasts at first as you are missing the visual side of the food, but oh was I proven wrong. @thehooveringpod is primarily about eating as well as food, and it is absolutely fascinating. @jessicafostekew is a comedian who interviews fellow comedians and other public figures about the joy, as well as the complicated nature, of eating, cultural influences on food, favourite foods and food memories, rituals, and lots of other super interesting topics.

Favourite Episodes:

Episode 98: Michael Chakraverty

Episode 32: James Acaster

(Other food podcasts I highly recommend are Off Menu and Out to Lunch)

The Confidence Corner

Callie Thorpe

@theconfidencecorner is an interview style podcast all about confidence, as the title suggests. I love @calliethorpe fun and kind interview style, and the way she really bonds with her guests so that it seems like she’s just having a chat with a friend. All of her guests are brilliant people who have been dealt various personal and professional challenges that we can all relate to and learn from.

Favourite Episodes:

Ep 9 Exploring Disability and Impairent with Imogen Fox

Ep 5 Taking on the Government with Gina Martin