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  • Dominika Kupcova

Love Cocoa chocolate brand - direct mail letter

Dear Ms Smith,

Ever dreamed of a selection of luxury, ethically sourced chocolate bars, hand delivered to your door? Love Cocoa subscription service delivers exciting flavours through your letterbox every month, so you never run out of an indulgent snack again.

Exciting flavour combinations

With flavours such as Strawberry Champagne, Salted Caramel, and Rose and Pistachio, as well as limited edition combinations, your sweets drawer will never be short of delectable chocolate treats.

A photo of two Love Cocoa chocolate bars in colourful packaging. One is a red Thank You bar in honeycomb and milk chocolate, the other a sea salt and dark chocolate bar in light blue packaging with waves.

Perfect gift

Your chocolate subscription box will ship every month without you having to lift a finger. A perfect treat for yourself, or a thoughtful gift for the chocolate lover in your life.

We make it simple

Pick from the letterbox friendly 3 or 6 bar box. Choose the subscription length. Select from our mouth-watering chocolate bars. And leave the rest to us!

You can cancel your order at any time after the first 3 months.

3 Chocolate Bars Subscription

Choose your favourite chocolate bars to indulge in every month, or change your flavours each month to discover new combinations!

Price £10 a month + £2.99 P&P

Select a subscription length of 3, 6, 12 months, or an ongoing service.

We will plant 3 trees for every box you receive.

A photo showcasing a variety of Love Cocoa chocolate bars in different sizes in colourful packaging.

6 Chocolate Bars Subscription

The perfect box to explore brand new flavours alongside your favourite classics, and share delicious treats with loved ones!

Price £20 a month + £2.99 P&P

Select a subscription length of 3, 6, 12 months, or an ongoing service.

We will plant 6 trees for every box you receive.

Our story

Love Cocoa was founded by James Cadbury in 2016. If the surname sounds familiar, you’d be right to think there’s a connection to the notorious Cadbury chocolate brand, which was set up by James’s great-great-great grandfather John Cadbury.

Reinventing chocolate classics

Love Cocoa aims is to reimagine the chocolate flavours you know and love with a contemporary touch. Our selection includes classic British flavours infused with quality cacao, like our popular Earl Grey Milk Chocolate Bar. All our chocolate is natural, and free from gluten and palm oil.

Sustainability and ethics

Only the finest cacao is sourced to produce delectable chocolate in a climate positive process.

We work with ethical suppliers that guarantee fair wages to our chocolate farmers. Doing our bit to combat the injustices of the cocoa industry, we also donate 10% of profits to them.

We are 99% plastic free and have eliminated all plastic from our packaging.

A photo showcasing a variety of four different Love Cocoa chocolate bars in colourful packaging on a yellow and white background.

Buy a bar, plant a tree

We plant a tree for every single chocolate bar sold. Including the ones that could land in your hallway any minute!

What are you waiting for?

The Honeycomb Chocolate, Sour Cherry and Strawberry, and Prosecco Chocolate bars are waiting to be sampled by you and your friends.


Don’t just take it from us though, here is what our previous customers have to say about the Chocolate Subscription Service:

“Great communications. Plenty of choices of bars so I can change flavours each month. Fits through letterbox so I don’t have to be home. Lovely smooth chocolate.”

Christina Barker

“I bought this as a birthday present for a friend who loves chocolate and she enjoyed her first delivery and is looking forward to more! Great idea!”

Alison Grange

“I bought this product for my sister as a birthday present and was extremely impressed as it arrived well packaged and she absolutely loved it! I have since sent other presents from Love Cocoa as I love their ethics and values.”

Vicky Marriott

A photo showcasing a variety of Love Cocoa chocolate bars in different sizes in colourful packaging on a navy background.

Can’t wait to get your chocolate fix delivered straight to your door? Visit today to order your subscription of luxury, ethical chocolate.

Dominika Kupcova

Marketing Coordinator

P.S. If you are ready to try out our delicious subscription, place your order now and receive Free Delivery for your first 3 boxes with the code CHOCOLATELOVER at checkout.

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